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Bitrix24 Xero integration 10.12.2018

Bitrix24 Xero integration

Data sync between Xero and Bitrix24 Self-Hosted is available in auto mode.

The integration module for a self-hosted Bitrix24 and a private Xero account has been implemented by developers in Webbee Limited, Auckland based Bitrix24 Gold Partner in New Zealand.

The current set of the features:
  • A new invoice created in Bitrix24 automatically transfers to Xero as a Draft;
  • Any changes to the existing invoice in Bitrix24 will be synced to the existing Xero invoice (in a Draft status);
  • Contact/Company linked to the invoice in Bitrix24 creates in Xero;
  • Once invoice in Xero been sent to a client, the status will be changed to Authorized and sent back to Bitrix24;
  • Once invoice paid in Xero, the status will be sent back to Bitrix24;
  • Import Companies from Xero to Bitrix24
  • Import Contacts from Xero to Bitrix24
  • Bitrix24 Dashboard with actual transactions from Xero.
  • Fully automated transaction flow
In development:
  • Changes in the invoice in Xero sync back to Bitrix24
  • Changes in the Contact /Company in Xero sync back to Bitrix24
  • Assign a Sales Account (General Ledger code) to each Product item 

How logic works:
- If the Contact Name and Primary Person match - this is the Contact (note that the Primary Person is not filled in when exporting to Xero)
- If the Contact Name and Primary Person do not match, this is the Company, the primary person is created as a contact and attached to the company
- All another person is also created as separate contacts and attached to the company.
It was also decided to abandon separate tables directly for the integration mechanism and use them as a data buffer for cases if some information is lost in standard modules. Binding occurs using the XML_ID field. This allows eliminating possible duplicates of companies and contacts due to ambiguity.
- Also, the "Sync with Xero" checkbox was added to the invoice, filled by default when creating a new invoice.

If you are interested in this module, please contact our sales team for the setup arrangement.
or use a LiveChat on our website.

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