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Bitrix24 Implementation Services

It's generally known that Enterprise Portal and ERP/CRM implementations have a high failure rate. What if there were simple best practices you could follow to make your implementation successful? Consider these strategies in this plan to create a checklist of next steps based on your organisation's timeline. We promise that if you explore all of these factors, your implementation will run smoother.

The implementation of the Bitrix24 Enterprise Portal can change the company's characteristics, which are difficult to translate into dollars. 

However, they are extremely important for business owners to top managers, professionals, and employees.

These features are:
  • improving the manageability of the company, projects, processes, and personnel. This helps to formalise the procedure of forming and control of orders, instructions, and tasks.
  • organising a single storage system, search and content generation points (knowledge). At the same time address issues of confidentiality of information and information security. The accumulation of information allows you to develop templates for common tasks and business processes.
  • organisation of a new reporting system based on the collected data, even in the normal mode, the ability to analyse and predict changes in controlled parameters of the business
  • improve the predictability of the task execution results, business process chains.  It helps when planning the timing of the works / services and to reduce the time for analysis of incidents and failures in production processes.

Enterprise Portal/CRM Implementation Checklist Plan.

Step #1 Determine an amount of users  (< 12 < 25 < 100 <)
Step #2 Determine your budget per user (if self-hosted version, more than 25 users)
Step #3 Cloud or On-premise? Both options are available
Step #4 Identify what is going to integrate with the Enterprise Portal/ERP/CRM
Step #5 How are you getting leads and other data into your system?
Step #6 Figure out how much data you have to migrate?
Step #7 Determine your timeline 
Step #8 Always think of scalability 
Step #9 Figure out who is doing the actual implementation

Are you able of doing the full implementation, migration, training and consulting yourself? 

If you don't know the answer to this question, then you're probably going to need an implementation partner. Companies point to partners like us to perform complex implementations for all levels of business.

Getting an implementation partner is particularly important when migrating data from an existing Portal/ERP/CRM system. The older or more outdated your existing systems are, the more likely that the migration will require the expertise of a partner. Also, the more integrations and plugins your Portal/ERP/CRM has, the more challenged the implementation will be, and thus may also require the expertise of a partner.

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The most common Bitrix24 implementation services




1 Consultations on the use of Bitrix24 portal

2 h   

2 Implementing the company structure in Bitrix24, adding users, setting access rights

4 h   


CRM setting. Assigning access rights. Creating additional lead fields, lead statuses, types of deals, stages of deals, etc. 

4 h


Customize report settings in the CRM**

4 h


Workflow Automation in the CRM**

10 h


Workflow Automation in the CRM (with statuses)**

14 h


Workflow Automation in the Activity Stream**

10 h


Workflow Automation in the Activity Stream (with statuses)**

14 h

9 Integration of Bitrix24 with the company's website (CRM forms)**

10 h

10 Integration of Bitrix24 with the company's Facebook page (Open channels)**

4 h

11 Integration of Bitrix24 with another CRM, ERP systems (e.g. SAP) (goods/products exchange) **

10 h

12 Integration of Bitrix24 with another CRM, ERP systems (e.g.  SAP) (transmission of information regarding transactions completion, shipped products, etc.)**

50 h

13 Integration of Bitrix24 with the company's telephony (landline or rent a VoIP number) - consultation

2 h

14 Integration of Bitrix24 with the SIP telephony - consultation

2 h

15 Development of an external application to Bitrix24**

100 h

*Efforts in hours are approximate. After the current infrastructure of the customer will be assessed, an amount of hours will be defined more precisely.
**Technical Specifications development is required

An indicative cost for Bitrix24 cloud subscription is from $148 NZ per company per month (unlimited users).
A standard rate for our services is $130 NZ per hour (min 1 h).


Partnering with WebBee Consulting to implement Bitrix24 will provide your organisation with a robust solution tailored for your business. Experience a centralised view of your customer's interactions, the ability to segment your customers and improve your service offerings, and the opportunity to develop your business.

If you are interested in finding out more about Bitrix24 and how WebBee Consulting can help you improve your business with Bitrix24 all-in-one platform, please contact us.