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Sometimes it is not sufficient simply to install a Bitrix24 solution. As with any software, there could well be a need for: 
  • configuration updates;
  • advice on the use of specific aspects of programs;
  • creating the backup copy of a program;
  • a telephone support service.

 If you need product consultation, an online demo, training, or assistance with customization, please contact your local Bitrix24 partner - WebBee Ltd. We will adapt your cloud or self-hosted Bitrix24 to fit your needs. 

The right backup for these (and other) aspects will help to ensure your system's smooth ongoing operation.

The cost will depend on the amount of workplaces you have and the software you use. Contact us to clarify the price for your set-up.

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Bitrix24 training course for users and administrators

The Bitrix24 training course provides in-depth coverage of every tool inside and helps you get up to speed quickly.


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