We provide an implementation of the Bitrix24 cloud version at three levels: Technical, Technological, Organizational.

Connect your Bitrix24 site for free!

Plan No fees at all! $148 + GST $296 + GST
Special offer Winter Price Freeze - Discounts Up to 24%.
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Users unlimited unlimited unlimited
Business Users 12 unlimited unlimited
Online storage 5Gb 100Gb unlimited
Telephony (Credit Pack/Rent local number)
from $20 from $20 from $20
CRM plus.png plus.png plus.png
CRM record conversions cross.png plus.png plus.png
CRM access log cross.png plus.png plus.png
Extranet Users cross.png plus.png plus.png
Access limit by IP cross.png plus.png plus.png
Own logo cross.png plus.png plus.png
Approvals (Assets, Expenses, etc) cross.png cross.png plus.png
Workflow Automation cross.png plus.png plus.png
Time management cross.png cross.png plus.png
Work reports cross.png cross.png plus.png
Meetings and Briefings cross.png cross.png plus.png
Task dependencies 5 unlimited unlimited
Open channels 1 2 unlimited
CRM web forms 1 4 unlimited
Advanced duplicate search cross.png plus.png plus.png
CRM change history cross.png plus.png plus.png
Backup restore cross.png plus.png plus.png
List view exceeding 5000 records cross.png plus.png plus.png
Progressive dialer cross.png plus.png plus.png
Trigger emails cross.png plus.png plus.png
Phone call recordings up to 100min/mo unlimited unlimited
Simultaneous call to all available employees cross.png plus.png plus.png
Call quality evaluation cross.png plus.png plus.png
Call source tracking (marketing) cross.png plus.png plus.png
Call analytics and reports cross.png plus.png plus.png
IVR cross.png plus.png plus.png
Own Domain Name cross.png cross.png plus.png


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* - The use of business tools in free plan is limited to 12 users. The list of business tool users can be updated once every 24 hours.
  • Free is best for...

    • For internal communications of small and micro companies.
    • As a platform for small groups of people united by a given topic or interest who wish to have the greatest amount of flexibility, security, and upward mobility.
    • If you manage an online-shop or your company has a sales department, and you need a CRM for processing incoming leads.

  • Get Standard if...

    • There are more than 12 people in your company and you need a united platform for file sharing and teamworking;
    • You need to allow clients, suppliers, or other third parties to participate in projects and tasks;
    • Your non-profit organization has a large number of users.

  • Buy Professional for...

    • Tracking working hours and time spent by users on individual tasks and projects is mission-critical;
    • Using your own domain name for your social intranet (https://mycompany.com);
    • Managing meetings, briefings, and other events that constantly take place in your company.