Custom fields in CRM -

Custom fields in CRM -

Custom fields in CRM

Custom fields in CRM

Bitrix24 CRM element form has a set of standard fields, but your business is unique and has its own needs.
You can add custom fields to any CRM element form. Also, you can use filters and search by custom fields values.


Add a custom field

Only users having access permission to Edit settings can add custom fields. Read more in the article - Access Permissions in CRM.

The easiest way to add a new custom field is to click the Add field button in the CRM element form.


Next, you need to select the type of the new custom field. For example, let's add a text field.


Specify the field name. You can also make the field required, multiple, and visible to selected employees only.


 Read more in the articles - Configure required fields for each stage and CRM: Make a custom field visible to selected users only.

Click Save and the new custom field will be added to the CRM element form.

There is also another way to add custom fields and view all custom fields. Go to the CRM > Settings > Form and report settings > Custom fields.


Select a CRM element you want to add a custom field for and click Add Field.


Let's add a new custom field to a contact form.

  • Sorting - the smaller is the "sorting" field value, the higher is the field in the CRM element form.
  • Assign names in all languages - enable this option to specify the field name in different languages. If this option is enabled, you'll need to specify field values in all languages when adding a new CRM element.
  • Name - specify the field name.
  • Required - enable this option to make the field required.
  • Multiple - enable this option to be able to specify several field values.
  • Show in filter - enable this option to show the field in filters.
  • Show in list - enable this option to show the field in the List view.
  • Type - select the field type. Additional parameters are different for different field types.

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