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Infographic #01

Infographic #01


If you are new in the Led Generation analysis for your organisation to improve your conversion rate and ROI, this definitely is good information to cover basic and fundamental steps of their structure.

The Lead Generation process is integrated by the following steps:

1 - Identify
Stablished filters and precise demographics, review of segmentation and target customer
2 - Email Marketing
A powerful marketing tool nowadays to promote the products and services of the client and communicate with the target customer
3 - Qualify
Collect all information and integrate with the CRM tool to select the qualified leads aligned with the initial data supplied by the client
4 - Connect
Follow-up, meetings, visits 
5 - Cultivate
Nurturing communication with the qualified leads to transform that interest in a new sale
6 - Conversion Rate
This number will be defined by how many followers that made the decision to invest in the products or services of the client
7 - ROI
This is finance term used in % to define how efficient was the investment performed in a new project (Net Profit / Cost of Investment)x100
8 - Closed Deals
Customer satisfaction & new projects follow up

In WebBee we are always thinking in dynamic and effective online solutions. With our new product Lead Hunter you could obtain customised qualified leads with a simple strategy based in:
  • Social Media Accounts
  • Google Ads Accounts
  • Landing Page
  • Free CRM Account

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