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IVR Is Now Available To Bitrix24 Telephony Users - WebBee.co.nz

IVR Is Now Available To Bitrix24 Telephony Users

IVR Is Now Available To Bitrix24 Telephony Users

Interactive voice response (IVR) is a technology that allows Bitrix24 Telephony and CRM to interact with your clients through dialpad input. 

If you receive a large volume of incoming calls, it may be helpful to have IVR system filtering them for you and routeing these calls to the desired destination. 

Another popular use case scenario is when the client needs to get some basic information & human call operator participation is not required. In these instances, you can record voice message response and play it to the client. 

Bitrix24 IVR Options

  • Transfer client's call to the particular operator or to the operator's list 
  • Redirect calls to another phone number (outside Bitrix24 telephony system) 
  • Clients can enter an extension number to reach a particular person. 
  • Leave a voice message 
  • Replay voice menu record 
  • Quit voice menu (the call will be processed based on configured phone number settings) 
  • Go to another level voice menu 

How to configure IVR

Important: you should have main telephony number configured before going to IVR Setting. 

Go to Telephony > More > Configure IVR


You can choose between 2 voice menu sources: audio file or text. If you choose to add text, it will be spoken to callers whenever they reach you by phone (language, voice, speed & volume can be configured). 

Perform action if no button was pressed option gives 2 choices: exit IVR or repeat voice menu recording. 

Phone buttons should be configured as Actions Buttons


List of available options includes: 
  • Forward to employee 
  • Forward to queue 
  • Forward to external number 
  • Enter employee's extension number 
  • Leave voicemail message 
  • Repeat current menu's recording 
  • Exit IVR 

IVR Operator Groups (Queues)

If you have set calls forwarding for your IVR actions buttons, then you can configure operators groups under Telephony > More > Telephony Settings > Groups (Queues). 


Here you can select Bitrix24 users who will answer calls to this number. Specify call distribution method and the ring count to wait until redirecting a call to the next user in queue. 

IVR option is available to Bitrix24 Standard (two levels) or Professional (unlimited levels) plan subscribers only. 

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