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What is a Landing Page

What is a Landing Page

A Landing Page is a marketing tool very common in these days, it is defined as a stand alone page to attract customers that are being approached by ads (like Google Ads), promotions and organic search result.

The main objective of the Landing Page is to capture the contact details of the potential customer with a lead form. In this lead form, it will be posted something unique and attractive like a free webinar, a downloadable E-Book, or other interesting promos.

It is important to clarify that a Landing Page is not a replacement for a Website, but more a support. While the Website is robust and you can find all the information of the company in the about us section and the complete product portfolio, the Landing Page is a tightly focussed site with different elements.

After the contact details have been collected this information will go to your CRM system, we highly recommend our very own Bitrix24 and eventually the conversion rate will be improved. This happens as a direct result of having clear and attractive CTA's or call to action strategically placed in the Landing Page.

A good practice recommended for the launch of a new Landing Page is to perform an A/B Testing just to choose the option that is performing better in the market.

  By Alejandro Torres
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