Bitrix24 Cin7 Integration ...

Bitrix24 Cin7 Integration

Bitrix24 Cin7 Integration

Bitrix24 Cin7 Integration

Cin7 integration module is based on Lists in Bitrix24. After the SO imported, user can attach and save documents for each SO (scans, invoices, etc).
  1. Sales Order importing from Cin7
  2. Attaching and saving documents for each SO
  3. Total Amount $ of selected SOs in the table footer
  4. Passing Company details (Phone, Delivery Address 1, Delivery Address 2, Delivery City, Internal comments, Delivery instructions)
  5. Branch Name is auto assigning now to a new or updated record.
  6. Document Status will be changed to "In process" if any of the document fields uploaded.
  7. Document Status will be changed to "Completed" if all the required document fields uploaded.
  8. Once a SO is imported into Bitrix, it will be disappeared from a cin7 SO view (no duplicate imports).
  9. Line Items in last imported records are displayed in separate rows
  10. For SOs with reference name 1A, 1B, 1C, etc, only Delivery Docket field is shown to upload
  11. If a user has a BranchID number set in their Profile, he can see only SOs from their respective branch in cin7

Sales Order list in Bitrix24

bitrix24 cin7 integration

Import from Cin7

bitrix24 -cin7-import

Sales Order view

bitrix24 cin7 integration item view

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