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Bitrix24 HelpDesk Module

Bitrix24 HelpDesk Module

Bitrix24 HelpDesk Module

The Bitrix24 HelpDesk module was designed to meet the needs of Customer Service departments.

HelpDesk module can be used by Telecom, IT, and any other industry that is experiencing a large number of requests and should solve problems as soon as possible.

Bitrix24 HelpDesk ticket table

Our HelpDesk module has the next features:
  • Make a new ticket creation in one screen (instead of 3 step wizard);
  • A ticket can be assigned to a single user, multiple users or to a whole Department (email will be sent to all dep users);
  • A ticket can be edited or deleted prior to being assigned only;
  • An assigned ticket can be reassigned to a next user/department;
  • Unsolved ticket hourly reminders during working hours;
  • Change ticket status to "Solved" by Responsible and an email notification is sent to an Author to close the ticket; 
  • Dedicated "Customer Care" group has the ability to see and close the tickets;
  • Date Overdue can be set by the Author of the ticket;
  • Several ticket templates can be adapted for your needs;
  • Dashboard with ticket statistics is available (Total, Overdue, High priority tickets);
  • Ticket table with a filter;
  • Email templates for the New, Reminder and Solved tickets;
  • Export filtered tickets to Excel;
  • Detailed Log entries;
  • Active Directory user/department sync;
* Your website with the embedded form can be a source of tickets. 
** Ticket status check webform can be added to your website.
*** SMS notifications can be added to inform client/staff on the ticket status.

  Ticket table with a Filter

Bitrix24 HelpDesk ticket dashboard statistics
Ticket dashboard

Bitrix24 HelpDesk ticket dashboard issues by type

 Bitrix24 HelpDesk Flowchart

Bitrix24 HelpDesk flowchart

Please contact our to book a demo and get an installation quote. The module can be installed on any self-hosted edition.


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