Bitrix24 Xero integration ...

Bitrix24 Xero integration

Bitrix24 Xero integration

Bitrix24 Xero integration

Data sync between Xero and Bitrix24 Self-Hosted is available in auto mode.

The integration module for a Self-Hosted Bitrix24 and a private Xero account has been implemented by developers in Webbee Limited, Auckland based Bitrix24 Gold Partner in New Zealand.
Bitrix24 is considered to be a Master system, that generates invoices and transfer them into Xero.

The current set of features:

  • A new invoice created in Bitrix24 automatically transfers to Xero as a Draft;
  • Data from a Bitrix24 invoice is passing into a Xero invoice (ItemCode, Description, Qty, Price, GL SalesCode, Tax Rate);
  • Sales Account (General Ledger code) have to be assigned to each Product item in a Bitrix24 catalog; 
  • Invoice statuses updates in both directions (interval is 30sec-5min); 
  • Any changes to the existing invoice in Bitrix24 will be synced to the existing Xero invoice (while in Draft status);
  • Contact/Company linked to the invoice in Bitrix24 creates in Xero;
  • Once invoice in Xero been sent to a client, the status will be changed to Authorized and sent back to Bitrix24;
  • Once invoice paid in Xero, the PAID status will be sent back to Bitrix24;
  • Initial import Companies from Xero to Bitrix24
  • Initial import Contacts from Xero to Bitrix24
  • Initial import Products from Xero to Bitrix24
  • The Dashboard with an agent running details;
  • The Queue of invoices allows avoiding Xero API restrictions in 60 requests per minute;
  • Fully automated transaction flow;
  • Sync activity log;
  • Webhook based.
In development:
  • Changes in the invoice in Xero sync back to Bitrix24
  • Changes in the Contact /Company in Xero sync back to Bitrix24

If you are interested in this module, please fill the form below for the setup arrangement.
Email us: or use a LiveChat on our website.


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