Human Resources information system (HRIS) in Bitrix24 ...

Human Resources information system (HRIS) in Bitrix24

Is the current rostering process for your company manual and inconsistent across the branches? Are you still using Excel spreadsheets for managing your employee?

Our solution realised in Bitrix24 Self-Hosted edition has turned this process into a digital solution to help the users with better management for their timesheets, leave applications and collect data in real time for accurate and up to date rostering and reporting purposes.

The Rostering tool provides a transparent and visible environment where the currently available workforce can be viewed. 

The Rostering tool

  • One centralised solution where managers and staff members can view and manage rosters, timesheet and leave management
  • Ability to integrate with your current payroll system
  • Mobile solution that could be accessible by different devices
  • Automated Workflows
  • Reporting capability

Rostering Tool features

  • Manager can view the available workforce for rostering purposes
  • Managers have the ability to forecast the workforce when required. i.e. public holidays
  • Managers able to view and report on the forecasted rosters well ahead of time across the branches
  • Managers have the ability to roster staff from other branches due to low number of staff
  • Managers have the ability to adjust the rosters according to the branch requirements (i.e. length of lunch breaks, start of shift, end of shift, etc.)
  • Managers can be notified or alerted if trying to roster a staff member for a public holiday or a weekend where the staff has a high number of leave days
  • Managers can be notified to approve timesheets and leave requests (via IM, email, mobile app) 
  • Staff members have the ability to request a change for a suggested shift by the system and notify the manager
  • Staff members have the ability to swap shifts with the other staff member in a branch
  • Staff members have the ability to log their own timesheets online and to access their rosters from any mobile device
  • Staff members have the ability to enter leave requests online
  • Managers and staff members have the ability to see their leave balances online
  • HR has the ability to automate registering the new staff process 

! Other features could be modified according to you business requirements







Centralized Searchable Employee Directory

  • Customizable employee profiles

  • Contact information (phone, e-mail, social profiles)

  • Instant get in touch (chat, group chat, video chat)

  • Search by skills or interests

  • Staff Changes/Employee timeline

  • AD/LDAP/NTLM integration

Company Structure/ Organizational Chart

  • Visual builder/Departments/Heads

  • Permission/Visibility settings

  • Workgroups and projects

  • Multi-division (separate intranets for each department)

Time Management

  • Clock in/clock out/breaks

  • Configurable worktime

  • Supervision

  • Personal/Team/Company work reports

  • Personal/Team/Company efficiency reports

Leave/Time Off Management

  • Absence chart

  • Leave Requests

  • Business Trip Requests


  • Personal/Team/Company calendars

  • Public/Private events

  • Subscriptions/Notifications

  • Invite/Schedule/Check availability

  • Tasks/CRM activities

  • Configurable holidays/ days off

  • Outlook/Exchange/Google

  • Calendar/iCal/CalDevintegration

  • iOS/Android


HR Forms and Records Management

  • Centralized HR repository

  • Customizable HR forms (transfer requests, training request, grievances)

  • Workflow integration

  • Records Management

  • SharePoint connector


  • Internal Job board/Vacancies

  • Resume database

  • Interview scheduling

Employee Self-Service

  • Full control over own profile

  • Direct employee/team interactions

  • Automation of routine HR processes

  • Reduce HR workload

  • Meeting room booking

Flexible Workforce

  • HR 2.0/Social HR

  • Fulltime/Parttime/Temps/Contractors/Interns/Freelancers

  • Extranet access

  • BYOD and mobile access

Sign-up Bitrix24 account for your business for free plan (you can activate fully functional Professional plan for 30 days)

The rostering tool is in beta testing, please send us your requests and questions. We will be happy to hear from you!

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