Transfer the Bitrix24 from the cloud to on-premises server ...

Transfer the Bitrix24 from the cloud to on-premises server

The transition to a self-hosted version of Bitrix24 without loss of data for 2 days .

While working with the Bitrix24 service it may happen that the company has expanded and needs in additional features and functions. You want to store all the data locally, and use ready-made solutions from Marketplace or configure the portal to fit your needs. This is possible!

Migrate to the self-hosted version of the Bitrix24 without data loss using Webbee specialists. Transferring data from Bitrix24 Cloud service to Bitrix24 Self-hosted is possible within two (2) days only.

On-premises version could be installed on your server (hosted onsite) or on a server of your hosting provider . 

With cloud-based version, you can upgrade to the "BizPace" or "Enterprise" edition. The difference between editions - in functionality. Choose with us one of these editions.

In each edition, on-premises version includes 25 members. If you use Bitrix24 Cloud tariffs with an unlimited number of users, you will need to purchase the required number of members for the on-premises version.

The on-premises version of Bitrix24 is running on your own server. After the migration, it will look visually exactly the same as in your cloud Bitrix24. Additionally, you can customise the product and the logic design.

Additionally, you can:
  • Place a portal on your own server.
  • Customise your portal interface and business logic.
  • Create separate portals for departments to include a functional "Multisite".
  • Integrate the portal with your external ERP, Accounting Software, etc
  • Centrally manage user groups with the help of Active Directory / LDAP Integrator.
  • Synchronize calendars, tasks and contacts in the portal with the MS Exchange Server using a connector to MS Exchange Server 2007/2010.
  • Use connectors to MS SharePoint for two-way integration with your portal.

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