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Paid search - Google AdWords Management

Paid search

Google AdWords Management

Paid search is essential for online advertising. It allows your potential customers to find what & when they want your products or services. Using paid search, you have the opportunity to show your ads on top of and alongside those search results in all search engines. With proper strategy and execution, your business can benefit from the qualified and motivated traffic. As Google Certified Professionals, WebBee Digital Marketing offers results driven AdWords Management to businesses in Auckland, and across New Zealand. We can assist you in planning, running, and maintaining your marketing campaigns. We also measure the effectiveness of your campaigns and provide you with campaign reports.


  • Keyword phrase discovery creation and optimisation;
  • Title creating includes writing all short titles and descriptive statements to optimise click-through rates for each keyword or phrase;
  • Account set up with Google (Yahoo, Bing and other PPC engines if mutually agreed);
  • Regular analysis and bid management of keywords;
  • Regular ad maintenance as needed to test and tweak copy;
  • Monthly budgetary and metrics management report;
  • Monthly reports to company contact regarding recommendations for promotions, landing pages and other coordinated programs


  • Grow your online sales, retarget your current customers, or to attract new customers;
  • Ensure your ads are targeting certain areas, cities or locations so that you spend money on the customers valuable to you;
  • Your ads will be found online when people actively search for the services or products offered by your business; 
  • We use integration AdWords+Analytics+Search Console to ensure that you are getting the best possible return on your Google Ads marketing budget.

New Adwords Account

  • Objectives planning and Goal setting
  • Connect Analytics and set up conversion tracking
  • Campaign creation, Geo targeting and Budgeting
  • Ad Groups creation with variables for split testing
  • Ads creation (3 for each Ad Group)
  • Keywords research, modification and selection
  • Long-tail and Negative keywords research

Existing AdWords Account

  • Current account review  
  • Goal setting and Google Analytics connection
  • Campaign settings review and optimisation
  • Ad group review and optimisation
  • Ads review and split testing implementation
  • Keyword review and optimisation
  • Negative and long-tail keywords review and optimisation

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We are Google AdWords Certified: