We provide our services to the education industry in NZ ...

We provide our services to the education industry in NZ

Performance Marketing service to enhance Educational Institution's market outreach

WebBee' Lead Generation service is designed to develop a robust and tailored lead strategy and digital marketing plan for your institution, allowing you to reach, attract, engage, convert and retain students through a combination of marketing activities specific to your key student profiles and core enrolment markets.

We use traditional media efforts to generate the initial awareness and start the potential student down the funnel. From a digital perspective, we use social media and targeted display to work the potential student further down the funnel where we rely heavily on search to complete the process.

WebBee will help you to define a bespoke lead generation strategy to attract, match and retain the right students to your school.

Why Do Educational Institutes Need CRM Tools?

Whether you are recruiting students for profit or to ensure that grades are given to the right student or to answer admission queries, a CRM tool is used. Educational institutes can use Bitrix24 as the main software to understand students' needs and to communicate with them, and also get profitable.

Educational institutes deal with a huge amount of competition. Students are well informed and they know that they have a wide variety of choice. As a result, institutes have to actually market educational courses as if they were products and students become customers of such institutes. This competitive pressure leads to the formation of certain management strategies which includes using CRM tools. These tools help institutes to increase productivity.

Such tools also help institutes to operate efficiently and cut costs. This is one of the reasons why institutes often contact us with respect to CRM tools. These organisations have to focus not only on students but also on parents, alumni and donors who may be helpful in increasing the profits of the organisation.

Bitrix24 can be used to fill up application forms, maintain a database about students who have expressed interest in a particular course, manage their reports, grades and feedback and even to assess their progress when they are in the educational institute. Last but not least, it can be used to understand the market that is most responsive to your marketing efforts.