We provide our services to immigration advisers and lawyers in New Zealand ...

We provide our services to immigration advisers and lawyers in New Zealand

Why Do Immigration Advisers Need CRM Tools?

Immigration Advisers can use Bitrix24 as the main software to understand clients' needs and to communicate with them, and also get profitable.

Immigration companies deal with a huge amount of competition. This competitive pressure leads to the formation of certain management strategies which includes using CRM tools. These tools help companies to increase productivity.

Such tools also help Immigration companies to operate efficiently and cut costs. This is one of the reasons why advisers often contact us with respect to CRM tools. These companies have to focus not only on international students but also on other temporary visa owners onshore.

Bitrix24 is #1 CRM for immigration advisers, law firms, and legal services. And as most legal CRM software, Bitrix24 helps you with finding new clients and maintaining relationships with existing ones.

Bitrix24.Immigration Features


  • Sales Automation
  • Creates invoices and sync statuses with Xero
  • Lead and contact management
  • Email Marketing / Export Leads to Mailchimp
  • Sales Funnel  
  • Automated Client Agreement generation and receiving from client
  • Automated Lead conversion
  • Automated Workflows
  • Sync your emails in CRM with Outlook
  • Management reports (table and charts)


  • Case preparation by Assistant
  • Case approval by Adviser 
  • Visa Case Tracking
  • Submit INZ decision
  • Extra works
  • Visa expiration date reminder (email, SMS)
  • Custom workflow


  • School management
  • School invoicing
  • Manage commissions
  • Custom fields


  • Agent accounts
  • Access permissions
  • Document collaboration
  • Internal communication
  • Custom fields


  • Daily activities planner/Kanban
  • Checklist task for clients to upload their docs
  • Unlimited tasks/subtasks
  • Unlimited projects / Workgroups
  • Reports 
  • Task templates
  • Time tracking / Workload planning


  • iPhone, Android, Desktop app
  • Connect your PBX/SIP or rent a number
  • Call recording
  • Client Visit's audio recording
  • Bitrix24.Drive with version history
  • Cloud-based with 10Gb plus storage space
  • Service is built on Amazon cloud platform

Bitrix24 can be used to prepare the offshore and onshore visa application files, maintain a database of international and local clients, manage their visas expiration date, education and employment history.

Bitrix24 also lets you schedule appointments and, because your time is so valuable, our online calendars come with flexible access rights, so one designated office manager could be managing schedules for multiple advisers. 

Quotes and invoices inside Bitrix24 let you bill your clients by the hour and make sure that nobody is falling behind their monthly retainers. You can specify different hourly rates for different advisers/job types inside Bitrix24 CRM product catalogues. Tasks come with time tracking too. Sync with Xero is available.

Documents and contacts are managed inside Bitrix24 as well. Bitrix24 can even log and record all incoming and outgoing phone calls to your company, if necessary. This is why Bitrix24 is CRM for immigration advisers and legal industry #1. Register now for a quick start.


A Lead is a potential client, who requested a service from an Adviser. Source of lead could be a website from, email, call, facebook message, Viber, etc.


A list of Deals in CRM 


Deals typically come with custom deal stages, which are used to visualise sales pipeline and to estimate future revenues.

Visa eligibility online form

Visa eligibility online form (send a link to your client or embed the form into your website)

Visa forms library

Visa forms library


Visa Tracker (business workflow helps track a visa status, visa expiration date, responsible adviser, etc)


Visa Case Management reflects all the required documents to be uploaded by Assistant. When done just send the Case for approval to an Adviser


Send a Visa Checklist to your client by email to allow him to upload the necessary files. All the documents will be attached to the task in the system and will be available for creating a Visa Case. Avoid mess in your email.

Workflows (cases, documents, crm)

Workflows (cases, documents, CRM, annual leaves, expenditures, etc)

Business processes tailored for your specific needs

Great invoicing capabilities - send a pdf, sent a link, sync with Xero

Great invoicing capabilities - send a pdf, sent a link, sync with Xero

Powerful reports

    Custom reports
    Sales pipeline/Sales funnel
    Expected sales
    Adviser activity reports
    Unpaid invoices
    Lead sources (marketing channels)

Integration capabilities