The Best Real Estate CRM Software of 2017

The Best Real Estate CRM Software of 2017

Why Do Real Estate Companies Need CRM Tools?

Today's property consumers are searching for their ideal home on the web. To reach them, you not only have to be online, you also have to deliver a fantastic experience to the consumer and manage all the details of your real estate business. Your Real Estate CRM tool needs to be able to do everything - email, drip marketing, phone calls, scheduling, prospecting and lead qualification, quotes, invoices, helpdesk and product catalogue.

The Bitrix24 software is a Real Estate CRM that's 100% free for up to 12 agents. The free edition comes with unlimited records, email marketing, mobile CRM, integrated telephony and agent management tools that help you automate routine business processes and sell more effectively. The Bitrix24 CRM can also help Real Estate agents with client prospecting and lead generation. Agents will be able to access the CRM on their mobile devices. Bitrix24 can be used to collect leads, provide sales quotations, and maintain customers' data. Last but not least, it can be used to understand the market that is most responsive to your marketing efforts. As a result, agents' overall productivity is increased.

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