AI Scoring - new feature in Bitrix24 ...

AI Scoring - new feature in Bitrix24

AI Scoring - new feature in Bitrix24

AI Scoring - new feature in Bitrix24

Have you ever wondered how your managers figure out which deal has more chances to be won? Do they follow their intuition, or do they notice something common in successfully won deals?

Bitrix24 now can analyze existing data in your CRM and show the success probability for new leads and deals. Also, it can show which events influence the success probability the most.

AI Scoring uses existing data. More data means more precise forecast. To get the first forecast, you need to have at least 2000 closed elements with activities.

Analyzing your data, AI Scoring trains itself repeatedly, so it improves the technology with each bunch of new deals or leads processed.

What does Bitrix24 take into account when making a forecast?

  • Lead or deal source, date and time of the creation;
  • values of all fields and all updates of these values;
  • total number of calls, emails, and open channel chats;
  • call transcription, emails, message history;
  • client path;
  • inquiry type (repeat or initial).

Please, be advised that AI Scoring feature is available to CRM+, Standard and Professional plan subscribers. If you would like either to buy, renew or update a Bitirix24 license, Webbee will be happy to assist you! It is simple to reach us here

Dec 20, 2019

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