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In addition to creating new systems, we are also engaged in the reconstruction of existing gas networks. All our specialists have the appropriate & nbsp; & nbsp; training and have a license to perform this type of work. # STEXT # At this point you can place text to search engine optimization (SEO-text). This can be specially written ad copy to attract user interest in this section, or goods or services offered, followed by a desire to buy a product or use the service.
Газификация частного сектора СНТ "Митрополь"
Проект по строительству уличных газопроводов и подводов к домам СНТ "Митрополь".
Газопровод "Сила Сибири"
Проект магистрального газопровода для поставок газа из Якутии в Приморский край и страны Азиатско-Тихоокеанского региона.