Social projects ...

Social projects

These projects are designed to solve the problem of poor sanitary conditions of households. With the help of civilian control of the organizers will be able to influence the work of operating management companies to establish partnerships with the urban management of housing and communal services and the Office of the administrative and technical controls. # STEXT # At this point you can place text to search engine optimization (SEO-text). This can be specially written ad copy to attract user interest in this section, or goods or services offered, followed by a desire to buy a product or use the service.
Крытый каток "Молния"
Современный спортивный комплекс для организации соревнований по конькобежному спорту и организации тренировок спортсменов.
Проект "Детская площадка"
Проект «Детская площадка в каждый двор» существует с 2009 года. За это время было оборудовано более 150 дворов.