Project 1 "Noname" ...

Project 1 "Noname"

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1 960 1 260 NZD/m2
700 NZD/m2
  • English style, which is full of restraint and freedom, avant-garde and classic, absolute practicality and creativity - "Noneym".
    Refined area around the house
    Parking More than 100 parking spaces, including underground parking
    Foundation Solid
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    Noneym - cultural and artistic center, which not only work but also live creative people from around the world.
    В This atmosphere of security and democracy is recreated in Khamovniki.
    В "Noneym" - housing, especially for creative people who appreciate the quality of life and have an excellent sense of style and harmony
    . В 
    The main advantages of this apartment are: convenient location, perfectly designed layout and small areas, modern safety and comfort technologies, as well as concierge service.

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