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Landing Page Design (3)
We will double the flow of your business customers by creating a Landing Page!  Our custom built, responsive landing pages are a beautiful match of form and function. Designed to fit your brand and tell your story, they also drive search engine optimisation results and encourage visitor action.
Corporate website (1)
The corporate website is the business card in the digital world. This type of design is getting more and more credence due to the strong attention of customers to the company's website. It is thought that people are more likely to trust a company with a well-designed, informative website than any other company on the market, providing similar services.

Social Intranet Portal makes employee management easy. Improve business productivity by improving collaboration among employees.
e-Commerce (1)
An e-commerce website is a site that can take payments from customers. Payments can be taken in the form of credit card payments, Paypal or other types of payment systems, and can be made for either purchasing a product or a service. E-commerce helps reduce costs of having a real physical shop or store.
Turn your website into an effective selling tool and reach your clients with quality content. We create user interfaces that give your clients a pleasant shopping experience. A customised solution from WebBee will save you money and create an additional revenue stream for your business.  
Hosting Services (4)
We offer affordable shared hosting for our clients.

Website Updates - $90 per hour

We are happy to help you with any web development work, we'll even design, build and write a completely new site for you.

Graphic Design - $65 per hour

Full graphic design service.  
Package design, corporate identity, logos, promo newsletters, flyers, promo items, printing.