Landing Page Design ...

A Comprehensive Package of Lead Generation

We will double the flow of your business customers by creating a Landing Page!  Our custom built, responsive landing pages are a beautiful match of form and function. Designed to fit your brand and tell your story, they also drive search engine optimisation results and encourage visitor action. 

WebBee assists clients by not only building the brand spanking new websites, in many cases we can come in and refresh an old site, fix a broken site or deliver a comprehensive strategy for creating a world class website. Depending on your skills, experience and resources, WebBee can provide strategy, design or implementation services for a one-time project fee or provide ongoing website optimisation and support for affordable monthly payment. 

You will benefit from cooperation with Webbee, because

  1. We can easily manage your Landing page without the costly development
  2. We can treat incoming leads directly to the CRM-system (Bitrix24, etc)
  3. We can analyse conversion rates using split-test
  4. You get technical support specialists from Webbee 24/7
The overall goal of a landing page is to convert site visitors into sales or leads. The design of the landing page layout matters and this should be tested with various ideas and page layout styles to see what converts and works better. By analysing activity generated by the linked URL, we can use click-through rates and conversion rate to determine the success of your ad.

When it comes to creating a landing page, these are the main points that your page should contain:

  • Catchy headline and subheading
  • Hero shot - Graphic, photo, video
  • What you are offering - goods, advice, services etc.
  • Call to action - a single conversion goal.

Creating a landing page

WebBee will design and develop a landing page that will attract customers and turn them into conversions. 

  • What the aim of your landing page is?
  • What drives your company?

Sometimes what you think is a conversion can actually be slightly different and you can achieve better long-term goals if you switched things up a little bit.

Tracking Landing Page Success

Tracking success on your Landing Page relies on two key factors -a number of conversions and a number of visitors. Building landing page that tracks those two bits of information is essential and the base of any great landing page. Tracking other statistics is advised as you can use them to increase the two previous ones. 

Google Analytics Tracking Tool

One that is used on a lot of websites is Google Analytics, this is highly suggested as it's free and presents a wealth of information. The information you can gain from GA is things like a number of visitors, type of browsers, devices, time spent on page, bounce rate and a lot more.

Frequently Asked Questions

See below for a few questions we get asked repeatedly.

What exactly is a landing page?

Normally a landing page is a single page website that is highly tracked to increase conversion. By increasing your conversion rate on a single page you can test separate sources of traffic and find out which one is sufficient for you to invest in. This process is known as conversion optimisation.

Do I have to have a landing page?

Plenty of websites doesn't have a specific landing page, although there can be a little confusion around a page that a user lands on or a specifically optimised landing page. When we talk about landing page design, we refer to the latter.

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