We are Bitrix24 CRM experts, working with clients throughout New Zealand to join their teams and systems to one centralised platform.

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Bitrix24 includes excellent tools for collaboration, communication, and management of your business.

CRM, Tasks, Projects, Documents, Messaging, VoIP and much more.

What is a Corporate Social Network?

A Corporate Social Network (i.e. CSN) is a mixture of an intranet and an internal social network focused on sharing information and working together in both small or large groups. Whether you are close to each other or on a different continent. You are always in touch with your staff and have access to all relevant company data.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

A CRM system is a smart centralised environment where you can store your contacts, data, analyse your customer behaviour and fragment your data for effective communications. 

Our CRM specialists can help you identify the right CRM customization that meets your business needs. We can also help you with integration to your other systems such as your website, accounting software and e-Commerce platform so that all your data streams into one single source of a customer. 

Once we have done that it becomes simple to integrate into an email platform, like MailChimp or connect to a Facebook page for timely delivery of a message to your customers. 

We can help you implement a tool for acquiring new customers and then sustaining the relationship.

  • Bitrix24 CRM Solution
  • Integrations with Websites, eCommerce and accounting Platforms
  • Email Integration / Automation with Mailchimp

Open Channels consolidate various means of digital communications with your clients in Bitrix24.

Impress your clients with your proficiency and personal approach.
  • Presales consulting using digital channels (Facebook, Telegram, etc)
  • Various sales channels including online chat, social networking and instant messengers
  • Customer care (single- and multi-tiered)
  • Extra source of leads for your CRM
  • Repeat sales using CRM data
Become leading customer-oriented company with Open Channels!

What we do:


We analyse your current systems and processes to discover which of your requirements are not being sufficiently met. Then we identify the particular capabilities your business needs to improve.


Once we understand your business, we implement an easy to use branded solution that will transform your organisation through higher speed, control and productivity.


During the planning, implementation and launch steps, we provide you with a dedicated technical assistance to guide and support your team.


Our digital production department provides high-quality corporate and ad design materials for the whole range of our client's projects.

Web-site maintenance and support are also the areas of our competence.


We have strong experience in implementation and adaptation of best practices in SEO, SMM, GoogleAds, media & performance campaign analysis, usability-audit, a/b-testing, ongoing & multitouch analysis.


Today is a special day for the Bitrix24 team. We've crossed the 1,000,000 company signups mark. This means that ...

Bitrix24 is cutting edge technology with a large list of integrations to make easier the work of your organisation and make your clients more loyal, including apps like Google Drive and Microsoft Office, join now and learn more.

Struggling finding an effective leadership strategy in your organisation, follow this article to find useful tips from working environment until real incentives to make more productive your work team. 

Recent projects



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Molemap.nz website Molemap.nz website design

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Cash4You design cash4you design mock-up

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